Boogie wholesale

As already written - we are artisans in our hearts but also, we are lazy and like machines. JK, we are working on bridging the gap between artisan bakers and industrial facilities. Simply, we believe sourdough (or fermented) bread is better and thus would love to see more people being able to have it. For this to happen it has to be produced more efficiently and delivered globally.

At the moment it looks like we figured it out - by producing around 50 000 products a day and cold chain working through Europe we are able to be more competitive with bread like additive filled products :)

Boogie wholesale


We own or rent 1000+ pallets in temp controlled warehouses. Products can be picked up in our warehouses or delivered anywhere in Europe (looking across the sea too :)

Bread is produced in our factories in Croatia and shipped through Europe.

Say hi and ask for the nearest supplier.